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I think we’d all be lying if we said we’ve never filtered our feelings. I tend to have certain friends for telling certain feelings to. For example, my best friend I will call when I’m down, other friends I won’t tell because I know that they see me as an “always happy” person. Other friends are great at calming me down when I’m angry so I’ll let them see that side of me, others it might worry or scare so I don’t let them see it.

Then about a year ago I saw the #DontFilterFeelings campaign on Hollyoaks and that got me thinking; if people don’t like one part of me does that mean they should never see it? Or should I be honest with them (and myself) about how I’m feeling not just some of the time, but all of the time?

And thinking like this has been really quite liberating. I am who I am and nobody can change that. Sometimes I’m goofing around filming TikTok videos and other times I’m sat crying because I feel lonely or worthless. Both of these versions of me and everything in between are a part of me.

How many parts of you are there? And how many of those parts do you let other people see? Don’t filter your feelings, own them.