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This is very similar to yesterday’s challenge, and actually something I’ve been trying to change about myself quite a lot. Have you ever heard someone describe somebody else and say “they haven’t got a bad word to say about anybody”? My dad described one of his friends like that and it got me thinking: Could I be described like that? I don’t think so.

So I’ve been pushing myself hard not to say anything bad about somebody else, whether they’re stood in front of me or not. I try to picture my grandmother (who I have upmost respect for), a vicar and the person I’m talking about all in front of me. Would I be happy for them all to hear what I’m saying about that person? If the answer is yes then I will say it, if the answer is no then I won’t.

How does this affect your mental wellbeing? In 2 ways; firstly it puts you into a mentality where you begin to see just the positive in people. If you are living a positive lifestyle and seeing the world with a positive outlook, your mental wellbeing will be more positive too. Secondly, very often our view of ourselves is made up of what other people think of us. If we have a positive view of other people it’s very difficult for them to have a negative view of us. Therefore, your positivity has influenced their opinion, which in turn has made you feel better. You never know, you may even have changed their life too.